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Fitness Hawk

Fitness Hawk is a client management app for personal trainers.

We're aiming to replace the good old pen and paper and solve some of their biggest time sinks.

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My Role

Fitness Hawk has grown from a basic reporting app to a full scale personal training management application. In 2015 they brought me on to redesign and improve the application to meet the growing needs of personal trainers.

The Challenge

To quickly provide value to the user and streamline their daily activities.

Personal trainers are a traditional industry. They're on their feet all day so don't have much time to sit in front of a computer for client management and data entry.

With Fitness Hawk, we aim to create an application that replaces pen and paper for all their tasks. This way they never have to take time off the floor, away from clients, it all happens in real time while they are working (e.g signing up new clients, running sessions and making bookings).

Understanding the user

Not having a great deal of experience with personal trainers myself, my first step was to sit down with a range of local trainers and go through their routine.

From there I learned a lot about what drives personal trainers, the challenges they encounter and what are the major time sinks in terms of client management.

After that, I booked a few sessions with these personal trainers (should do more, to be honest) to get an understanding of their client onboarding process as well as the booking and running of sessions.

Visual Design

As the new interface was going to be quite a change and the development of the back-end would take some time; we dove straight into the design phase and quickly created a prototype app to test with users. This enabled us to validate and test all interactions as early as possible.

Test & Iterate

While the main chunk of development has been happening on the back-end, I've been testing the application with users through user interviews, running mock training sessions and booking mock appointments.

Here's a mock training session I ran with a friend which also turned into a photo shoot.

Launch & Grow

While building the new app I've also been involved in the marketing side of the business. This has involved building, launching and marketing the new version to increase interest and subscribers.

More to come!

This story isn't finished, we're about to launch the new version and will soon be learning and iterating a lot to create the best experience for personal trainers.

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