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I worked with the team @ GiggedIn to help refocus and design their new marketing & ticketing site. GiggedIn provide innovative ticketing solutions for events, festivals and gigs all around Australia. The new design works seamlessly from mobile to desktop and aims to showcase what gigs they have going, as well as the services and solutions they can provide.

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GiggedIn was founded as a crowdfunding platform with a mission to solve the frustration of not being able to see favourite acts live due to the huge financial risk that organisers and acts face.

I was brought on at a time of expansion where the team at GiggedIn wanted to take the platform beyond the crowdfunding model and provide a range of new services for organisers and acts.

Warwick was an absolute pleasure to work with. His experience was evident from the get go which really shows in the final product which I believe was excellent. As a fast growing and dynamic startup, we made iterations and changes during the process but Warwick adapted well to meet our new changes, yet still delivered by our deadline.

I'd highly recommend Warwick to anyone looking for quality UX/UI web and mobile work.

Kickoff Session

We got together in early 2015 to discuss all things GiggedIn; its past, its present and its possible futures.

After gaining a valuable understanding of GiggedIn (the goals of the project, the needs of the users, their values, and their limitations) we got down to business. We spent the afternoon discussing possible personas, user stories and how they'll interact with the new site. We finished up by mapping out some early user workflows and wireframes.

Prototype & Test

From there we shot straight into prototyping the new layouts and copy. We started low-fi with simple wireframe prototype and iterated on both the workflow and the content of each page. We focused heavily on the mobile experience of the end-user and the desktop experience of the artist/band.

Design & Test

Once we were happy with the way the site felt and tested, I moved into hi-fidelity designs but still kept it running as a prototype. This way we didn't go backwards and move into the typical static design revision cycle. We kept the prototype and interactivity running throughout the whole process to keep focus on the workflows and experiences rather than the static visuals.

The Result

GiggedIn has helped promote and manage some of Australia's best events and bring a range of international artists to the country.

They've also gone on to raise an additional $500k round of funding.

Finally, they've launched a new initiative: GigggedIn Infinite - A new approach to live music.

I was brought on again to design the landing page and prototype application for the launch of this initiative. The design and development was completed within a fortnight as the client wanted to validate as quickly as possible.

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